PREMIER CLIP "VIKI SHOW - You and Me" /// Vicky Shaw

Viki Show

Viki Show

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    New premiere of Vicky Shaw's "You and Me" Thank you so much to my subscribers, fans and our entire team - all my work is just for you. Please support me. I love each of you. Your Vika Solovyova.

    Listen to the song "You and I"
    Collection from Alisia Fiori show on Wildberries
    Collection from the Alisia Fiori show on LaModa
    Alisia Fiori on Instagram alisia_fiori
    Arrangement: DNK music
    Project management:
    Directed: Daniil Petrov
    DOP: Vladimir Volodin Producer: Maria Yaponova
    Executive producer: Alexander Duday
    Concept: Kirill Didenok

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